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Dry Fruits

We have come up as a dependable Supplier and Exporter of Dry Fruits. The Dry Fruits, offered by us, are procured from the reliable vendors of the markets. The range of Dry Fruits is inclusive of Cashew Nuts, Shelled Walnuts and Raisins.

  • Cashew Nuts
    Details Our Company R.C. Traders is considered as pioneer of cashews in our local market of Mumbai. We Offer best quality of cashew nuts in the form of whole, splits, pieces and powdered. Produce from south India tour cashew nuts are rich in proteins, saturated fat, calcium etc. It has great shelf

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    Cashew Nuts

  • Shelled Walnuts
    Details Walnuts are primarily made up of protein & polyunsaturated fat. They contain a relatively high percentage of omega - 3 fat, which has been linked to various health benefits. Eating Walnuts may improve brain health & prevent heart disease and cancer. Walnuts are often eaten on thier

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    Shelled Walnuts

  • Raisins
    The company is the prominent Supplier and Exporter of Raisins. The remarkable range of Raisins is inclusive of Brown Raisins and Golden Raisins. Raisins, offered by us, are procured from the reliable vendors of the markets.

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We are the trustworthy Supplier and Exporter of the best quality Spices. The remarkable range of Spices, offered by us, is inclusive of Ajwain Seeds, Black Pepper Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Curry Powder, Fennel Seed, Fenugreek Seeds, Garam Masala, Green Cardamom, Red Chilli and Turmeric.

  • Ajwain Seeds
    Details Ajwain seeds also known as carom seeds commonly used in Indian cuisine. They are slightly green to brown in colour & have pungent bitter taste. They are often sold as whole seeds but also ground to powder and used as a cooking spice. Are incredibly nutritious, being rich In fiber

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    Ajwain Seeds

  • Black Pepper Seeds
    Details It Is one of the most commonly used spices worldwide. It has sharp and mildly spicy flavour that goes well with many dishes. Black pepper is more than just a kitchen staple. It has been deemed the "King of Spices" and used in ancient ayurvedic medicine. A dash of ground black pepper can

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    Black Pepper Seeds

  • Coriander Seeds
    Details The seeds look small and round are kelly green, yellowish brown and have lemony as citrus flavours. It is most popular flavour booster used in preparing various dishes across global. Coriander seed powder is common ingredient often combined with cumin & cinnamon. Excellent results

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    Coriander Seeds

  • Cumin Seeds
    Details Tempering or seasoning a dish takes it to another level. Cumin Is a common and well known ingredients used in tempering. Cumin is a spice found in almost every Indian African and middle eastern kitchen. The seeds impart a warm and appetizing smell and taste to dishes. It is staple

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    Cumin Seeds

  • Curry Powder
    Details Curry Powder Is a delicious mix of spices, perfect balance to give food just a right kick It is a house of blend of spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper and much more. the roasted dry spices all have signature flavours combined in this mix. Many cuisines have adopted

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    Curry Powder

  • Fennel Seeds
    Details Popularly Known as saunf in Hindi, fennel is an aromatic herb. It is used in spices and also possess a Sweet taste that is similar to anise. The essential ingredient is used both as a spice for beverages and veggie preparations and as a post meal digestive aid and refreshment. Fennel

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    Fennel Seeds

  • Fenugreek Seeds
    Details Fenugreek is truly a multipurpose herb. It has green or yellow coloured which can be consumed fresh or dried. Commonly known as methi seeds are a common ingredient in Indian curries, As well as turkish persian, Eritrean, ethiopian, and egyptian cuisines. Not only do fenugreek seeds taste

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    Fenugreek Seeds

  • Garam Masala
    Details India has given the world so many things to be grateful for amongst the one is the spice blend of India called "Garam Masala". Its a potent mix that can make even the blandest of meals interesting. Whatever you prefer, garam masala wont disappoint when it come to exotic flavors and

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    Garam Masala

  • Green Cardamom
    Details Cardamom Is a spice with an intense, slightly sweet flavors that some people compare to mint. It is originated in India but is available world wide today and used in both sweet and savory recipes. It is also added to rich curries and milk based preparation for fragrance. Tea and coffee are

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    Green Cardamom

  • Red Chilli Powder
    Details Red Chilli Powder is the dried pulverized fruit of one or more variety of chilli pepper. Incorporated in many different cuisines, including Tex-Mex, Indian, Chinese, Korean, and Thai. This spice is used to add dishes pungency and flavour. Used extensively for making sauces which are used

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    Red Chilli Powder

  • Turmeric Powder
    Details Turmeric is a spice that comes from turmeric plant commonly used in Asian countries. It has warm bitter taste and is frequently used to flavour or  add colour in curry powders, mustards, cheese, butters and cosmetics. Used in food manufacturing, essential oil of Turmeric is used in

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    Turmeric Powder

Oil Seeds

The company has placed itself as one of the leading Suppliers and Exporters of Oil Seeds, based in Mumbai. The Oil Seeds, offered by us, is inclusive of Groundnuts, Mustard Seeds, Niger Seeds and Sesame Seeds.

  • Groundnuts
    Details Groundnut also known as peanut is one of the best source of protein. The goodness of these legumes can be consumed in an entirely different form as-well-groundnut oil. oil is extracted by pressing harvested groundnuts and is then used for the purpose of cooking. Used for salting or

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  • Sesame Seeds
    Details Sesame seeds are probably one of the first oil seed kown to mankind. These seeds have the highest oil content among all seeds and a delicate nutty flavour that become more pronounced when they are roasted under low temperature for few minutes. There are several varieties of sesame seeds

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    Sesame Seeds

  • Mustard Seeds
    Details Commonly Known as "Sarso" or "Rai". It is available in white, brown, and black varieties and used all over the world. Musturd seed also find their place in the bible and their first usage record is found in the Sanskrit script that date back to thousands of years. Largely used for

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    Mustard Seeds

  • Niger Seeds
    Details Shape of these seeds resemble those of sunflower, but are smaller and black in colour. Niger seeds is a herb that grows annually and is grown for edible seeds. Seeds are used as food in numerous dishes condiments, snacks, cereals. Used in preparation of chutneys, porridge, mixed with

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    Niger Seeds

Other Products

  • Tamarind Pods
    Details Tamarind is a tropical tree that grows in several regions around the world. It produces pods filled with paste like sweet , sour fruit. Tamarind pulp is widely used for cooking in South and South east Asia, Mexico, the middle east and the Carribean. The seeds and leaves are also

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    Tamarind Pods

  • Fresh Ginger
    Details Ginger is amongĀ  the healthiest and most delicious spices on the planet. Ginger is another of one's kitchen basic. It helps to impart many distinctive flavour of ginger to the dish resulting in a complex and tatsy outcome. Ginger added to tea while boiling tea leaves enhance the flavour

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    Fresh Ginger