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Red Chilli Powder

Red Chilli Powder


  • Red Chilli Powder is the dried pulverized fruit of one or more variety of chilli pepper.
  • Incorporated in many different cuisines, including Tex-Mex, Indian, Chinese, Korean, and Thai.
  • This spice is used to add dishes pungency and flavour.
  • Used extensively for making sauces which are used to add Spice to other dishes.


It acts as a main ingredient in.

  • Vegetable
  • Spices and herbs
  • Cereals & Pulses
  • Meat and sea food
  • Dairy products and fruits
  • sugar, and sugarproducts
  • Nuts and oilseeds
  • Excellent source of vitamin C, remedy for cold and sinus symptoms and does not contain cholesterol